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December 1, 2019

WORD of the DAY  

In days to come,

The mountain of the Lord’s house

shall be established as the highest mountain

and raised above the hills.

All nations shall stream toward it.

 Many peoples shall come and say:

“Come, let us go up to the Lord’s mountain,

to the house of the God of Jacob,

That he may instruct us in his ways,

and we may walk in his paths.”

   (Isaiah 2: 2-3)


How shall I live this Word?

It is the time of Advent, that is, a possibility offered by this liturgical period to prepare serenely, but truly committed, for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Yes, Advent means that the solemnity of Christmas is coming and Isaiah, the great prophet, far in time but very modern because inspired from on High, awakens in us the desire for a true spiritual preparation for the solemnity: the coming of the Word into the world, inside the human reality of a Child.

The invitation of the prophetic Word even today is very important. In a society often forgetful of spiritual values, Isaiah encourages us by prophesying what has already taken place and will be fully completed.

Yes, a partial victory over evil has already come true, fulfilling the prophecy with the coming of Jesus, the Almighty Son of the Father made Human for our salvation.

We do not know when the full victory of good over evil will have its fulfillment. We are therefore invited to live the waiting day by day fulfilling the will of God who created us out of love and by love wants us saved.

Lord, thank You for the voice of Your luminous servants the Prophets.  Thank You for what the Prophet  Isaiah tells us today. Grant that we may have a listening and attentive heart to accomplish what You communicate to us, the Word of Salvation.

The voice of  Leon Bloy, French Author

Jesus is at the center of everything, assumes all, bears all, suffers all.  It is impossible to hurt anyone today without hurting Him.  It is impossible to humiliate anyone or annihilate them, without humiliating Him, to curse or murder anyone, without cursing and murdering Him.



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