Posted by: livingscripture | June 24, 2018

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sunday June 24, 2018

     Week Twelve of Ordinary Time 

 WORD of the DAY 

All who heard these things took them to heart, saying, “What, then, will this child be?” For surely the hand of the Lord was with him.  The child grew and became strong in spirit, and he was in the desert until the day of his manifestation to Israel.  (Luke 1: 66) How shall I live this Word?

The forerunner was born, the greatest of among those born of woman. Prodigies are announced around his birth. The voice runs among the neighbors, who ask questions about his destiny. “What will this child be?”. The evangelist Luke anticipates what will happen for the birth of Jesus.

This is not an isolated fact, but an event that involves the community of the mountainous region of Judea. People, faced with prodigious facts, are taken by fear and keep in their hearts the thoughts, happy and tremendous at the same time of the closeness of the sacred: “And truly the hand of the Lord was with him”. The story of Luke goes beyond the facts that are seen, grasps the invisible, and invites us to go further with the eyes of faith.

In my prayer today, I will ask God with the voice of the psalmist, “Lord, I seek Your face.  Let Your face shine on me and I will be blest”.

 The Voice of Pope Francis

A Christian cannot think about her/his mission on the earth without conceiving it as a journey of holiness because this  ‘this is in fact God’s will, your sanctification”.  Every saint is a mission, is a project of the Father to reflect and incarnate an aspect of the Gospel in a determined time in history.



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