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WORD of the DAY  

The Lord GOD is my help,

therefore, I am not disgraced;

Therefore, I have set my face like flint,

knowing that I shall not be put to shame.(Isaiah 50: 7)

How shall I live this Word?

This text prophetically describes Jesus state of soul in the imminence of His Passion.  The hour has come, and Jesus knows this.  His identity as a man who is totally such, as He is fully God, allows Him, we can say, to ‘foresee’ the insults, the terrible mistreatment, the serious offenses that will accompany Him throughout the course of His suffering and death.  The illustrative prophecy of what will then be fully realized is so horrible that it can reduce a person to the land of black despair.  What then, prevents Jesus from falling into the waters of this desperation?  The key to understanding this is: “God is my help”.

This assertion marks with great force the moment when Jesus had to face that horror. It is like the rock that Jesus will speak about of the house built on it, that not even the hurricane can destroy.

Lord, I beg You, keep my memory anchored in this certainty.  Above all when I am living difficult and painful moments.  Yes, You Lord of Life, will help me; I will not drown.  In these moments of temptation, let me breathe the air of hope with that of faith in Your unlimited Love.  Accompany me with Your biblical Word, “God is my help”.  May it become more and more, my strength to live in the world breathing the strong air of faith, of hope in Your Love.

The voice of Pope Francis, Words at the end of the Via Crucis in the Coliseum, April 3, 2015 

Jesus Crucified, teach us that the Cross is the road to Resurrection.  Teach us that Good Friday is the path toward the Light of Easter.  Teach us to remember that God never forgets even one of His children and is never tired of forgiving us and embracing us with His infinite mercy.  Also teach us to never tire of asking for forgiveness. 




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