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PALM SUNDAY, March 25, 2018

WORD of the DAY 

When he was in Bethany reclining at table in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of perfumed oil, costly genuine spikenard. She broke the alabaster jar and poured it on his head. There were some who were indignant. “Why has there been this waste of perfumed oil? It could have been sold for more than three hundred days’ wages and the money given to the poor.” They were infuriated with her. (Mark 14: 3-5)

How shall I live this Word?

Jesus was at the table, guest of Martha and Mary in the house of Simon. His person and his fame were such as to be the object of particular attention as that of the gesture described here.  But now we go back to the Lord; a great fire had entered: great esteem full of pure love on the one hand and on the other side, furious rage of those holders of religious power, blindly envious of that unanimous and convinced listening, of that riveted veneration that Jesus aroused in the people.  Now in Bethany, where there lived the one who had been taken by Jesus from the tomb, and with his sisters, Marta and Mary, could only be filled with admiration and grateful love.  The gesture (which we imagine quick and exultant) of breaking a jar of precious alabaster with such costly content that is poured on the head of the Lord, perhaps today makes no greater impression.  But at that time, so close to the passion and death of the Lord, it became a “prophetic gesture” as well as emblematic of boundless adoring love.

Prophetic because Jesus himself interprets it as a gesture that anticipates what they will do with his body when, taken from the cross, it will be handed over, like every deceased, to the tomb.

Emblematic because, alive with a pure attention of love, it makes us perceive that even as pure love it flowed, still flows from Jesus to every person and from every true believer to Jesus.  The comment of those who disdained and were scandalized by the preciousness of the alabaster and the fragrant oil, is equivalent to the absolute closure of mind and heart in how many today as then, criticize the Church so easily with a mentality that what counts is money, return, but love is completely absent.  And they are furious with rancor, envy, and hate.

Lord, forgive us poor, blind sinners.  Open our eyes and convert our life to Your Love.


The voice of Nelson Mandela, Pacifist Leader


Forgiveness frees the soul, removes fear.  This is why forgiveness is a powerful weapon.


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Comment by Sr. Maria Pia Giudici, FMA

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