Posted by: livingscripture | February 20, 2018

First Tuesday of Lent



First Tuesday of Lent, February 20, 2018

WORD of the DAY  

Yet just as from the heavens

the rain and snow come down

And do not return there

till they have watered the earth,

making it fertile and fruitful,

Giving seed to the one who sows

and bread to the one who eats,

So shall my word be

that goes forth from my mouth;

It shall not return to me empty,

but shall do what pleases me,

achieving the end for which I sent it.

 (Isaiah 55: 10-11)

How shall I live this Word?

Isaiah is a prophet and also a poet and a painter.  Without brushes or water colors, he presents a picture that inspires peace and hope.  It is like when, in advanced winter, we contemplate a snow scene from our window, or the whisper of the rain of the roof tiles.  We know, although we may not be farmers, that the snow and the rain are a promise of golden stalks after the process of germination and growth in their rhythm.  It is bread, in the cottage, it is a sure bet won.  Thus – says Isaiah – it is of the WORD OF GOD. If you welcome it, read it and re-read it with the attention of your mind; if you meditate on it in your heart, it will not disappoint you, provided you never disregard the beauty and goodness God has dreamed for us.

The Word of God then becomes spiritual BREAD for our sustenance and it strengthens us on the journey of salvation, just as the Lord desires.

Jesus, make me alert, attentive, persevering in nourishing myself with Your WORD, the bread of life and of growth into eternal life.

The Message of a contemporary person

Your Word is a light for my steps, bread for my hunger.




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