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32nd Saturday in Ordinary Time



November 18, 2017

32nd Saturday in Ordinary Time

WORD of the DAY 

For all creation, in its several kinds, was being made over anew,

serving your commands, that your children might be preserved unharmed.

  (Wisdom 19: 6)


How shall I live this Word?

There is an apocalyptic touch even in the last chapters of Wisdom that allow us to take up the past in order to see the future better.  The past here is the event of the liberation par excellence that the people of God put at the root of His being God…the Red Sea.  It is a passage in water and chaos that recalls a new birth, a new creation.  Destruction and death, not to eliminate the creatures, but the evil that had contaminated them and to regenerate it to new life.

It is an experience to remember because it is present but above all, so that the future would be modeled differently.  It is a page of hope that makes us feel good, allows us to discover the goodness of our being with which and for which we were created.  It is all the prelude to a new passage that Jesus established, first with His birth that places heaven and earth in a new relationship, then with His death that does not remain such but reveals new life.

Lord, the silence that envelops everything, guards it, and allows it to reveal itself as it really is.  Give us the capacity to make space for this silence that heals our noisy disorders and makes us a coherent expression of You.


The Voice of Music – a verse of the Christmas carol written by Luigi Molfino

Within a profound silence, clear the sun rises,

above the desert of the world,

a little flower blooms.

The arid land will be fecund;

you will see green pastures flower.

The humble Lamb of God

will give His life for us.





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