Posted by: livingscripture | November 13, 2017

32nd Monday in Ordinary Time



November 13, 2017

32nd Monday in Ordinary Time



WORD of the DAY

For the spirit of the LORD fills the world,

is all-embracing, and knows whatever is said.

  (Wisdom 1: 7)


How shall I live this Word?

In these verses of the first Chapter of this Book, the Liturgy weaves a description of God in which He is called God, Lord, Spirit, and this Spirit is Wisdom.   It is an invitation to think of the Lord who is a God who lets Himself be found by those who seek Him with a sincere heart.  He is the Spirit who teaches and the Wisdom that loves human beings and enters into their heart.  It is a dynamic, vital description of God that penetrates humanity and makes it intimate with God Himself.

It is a description that could speak of the power of God in the spirit, in the soul of humans, but that is a prelude to the Incarnation, the possibility that God would become human, so physical is this powerful presence.

The living presence of God fills the earth; it not only crosses it but has the ability to recompose it, to hold it together.  The unity of creation is an action of God.  The unity of our person, of our community are His gift.

Lord, you know our fragmentation.  That of our person, divided into thousands of feelings, emotions, but also of preoccupations and occupations.  You also know the fragmentation of our communities, fractious, fragile, tired, empty of meaning.  Give us wisdom who is Spirit, who is your presence and recompose us, hold us together because only in this way we will not lose the sense and the significance of our existence. 

The Voice of Henri Nouwen, Theologian 

When we live as though human rapports were only of a human nature, and therefore subject to transformations and mutations, of norms and human customs, we cannot expect anything else other than the immense fragmentation and alienation that characterize our society.  But when we call on God and we reclaim Him constantly as the font of every love, we will discover love as a gift of God to the people of God.



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