Posted by: livingscripture | October 14, 2017

27th Saturday in Ordinary Time



October 14, 2017

27th Saturday of Ordinary Time



WORD of the DAY


Crowds upon crowds

in the Valley of Decision;

For near is the day of the LORD

in the Valley of Decision.

  (Joel 4: 14)

How shall I live this Word?

Even in his fourth and last chapter, Joel proclaims a strong and terrible God who will come and judge.  With a decisively apocalyptic language, that is also poetical, he invites us to conversion because the Lord will come in His day precisely in the valley of decision.  This expression probably indicates the valley of Josephat, at Jerusalem, the Valley of Judgment.

It pleases me to think that God comes in my valley of decision which is not a geographical location but is identified with my life.  It is in our existence that God comes, there is where He accomplishes universal judgment.  The word ‘judge’ seems harsh and comes from on high, inflexible.  But judgment is the other face of decision, Joel tells us; it is the fruit of discernment.  It is that which we all more or less consciously do every day.  I would say that Joel is telling us today that the Lord is arriving; He is present in our decisions.  Every time we choose, we can do it with Him or without Him.  We can do it in synchrony with His will or against it.

Every choice we make determines our relationship with God; it either strengthens it or weakens it.  Everything is choice in our life: what to buy, with whom to go, with whom and for what I work, who and how to love.  Thus, we build our own judgment!

Lord, grant that Your spirit may sustain my every choice and help me to build my way in harmony with You.

The Voice of Andre Louf, Theologian 

It is the sovereign Word of God Himself that touches the heart, wounds it, and in wounding it, awakens it, making it sensitive and able to see beyond appearances.  Daily frequentation of the Word of God in the form of Lectio Divina lays the foundation for excellent discernment.




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