Posted by: livingscripture | October 13, 2017

27th Friday of Ordinary Time



October 13, 2017

27th Friday of Ordinary Time



WORD of the DAY 

Like dawn spreading over the mountains,

a vast and mighty army!

  (Joel 2: 2)

How shall I live this Word?

Another minor prophet enlightens our week: Joel.  He probably lived in Jerusalem in the eighth century BC and was one of the most ancient prophets.  He left only a few pages on which he concentrated a message: The Lord will come.  His day will arrive and when it comes, what will He find?  His word is a service for conversion and for fidelity of the people of God, an invitation expressed in apocalyptic language to interpret the signs of the times.

With poetry, he gives us a foretaste of the greatness and beauty of this day.  A day of devastation, of darkness and shadows, but also of blessing, of new generation, a passage that purifies, strengthens, and defines the people of God.  His words imply a future vision of universality: the children of Zion will be able to rejoice and be glad because the Lord is with them, in their midst.  It is a prophecy of the new people born of Mary.  It is the prophecy of Christ, Lord and judge who will come so that all people will encounter His mercy.

Lord, permit that Your every sign may help us to our nourish hope, reinforce our faith, and make our conversion continuous, daily, happy.

The Voice of Fr. Pietro Parolin

   It is not enough to reform structures we must have, if this is not accompanied with a permanent personal conversion.




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