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Our Lady of the Rosary



October 7, 2017

26th Saturday of Ordinary Time



WORD of the DAY 

The poor see and rejoice. (Psalm 68)

How shall I live this Word?

Already in the Old Testament this expression is found and we could say that it prepares for a very important verse that opens the Canticle of the Beatitudes in the discourse on the mountain: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt. 5: 3).

In effect, the Word of God teaches us that the road to joy (or beatitude) is not generally taken by the rich and powerful of the earth, unless they are using their money and power to help the poor of every kind.  Rather, we know from the social network that suicide is often the epilogue of a life marked by every expenditure on the part of the children of those who control the world economy.

Thus, it is important to focus on a certainty: precisely in the Most Holy Virgin Mary, to a life of poverty and deep joy, is joined the good.  It is enough to recall her Magnificat!  What is a ‘poor life’ according to the Gospel?  It does not mean misery, but rather one that is lived under the sign of simplicity and moderation that allows us to walk with agility without heavy and useless burdens, on the road of hope and of joy.

Lord Jesus, grant me a mind that allows itself to be illumined by Your Gospel and a heart that discerns and decides for joy in a simple and sober life style.  Mary, our Help, intercede for me!

The Voice of Fr. Andrea Gallo, Founder & Animator of St. Benedict Community at Genoa

Being poor means living according to our means, not above them.  It means making friends with moderation.  It is only thanks to moderation that respect for nature and the environment can blossom forth.




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