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St. Anthony of Padua



June 12, 2017

Tuesday of Week X in Ordinary Time

St. Anthony of Padua


WORD of the DAY


Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father. (Matthew 5: 16)

How shall I live this Word

The context of this passage is very encouraging and very important.  It is that of the Beatitudes, a passage that many great people of other religions and philosophies have recognized as the highest expression of human spirituality.  It is not by chance that Jesus uses the metaphor of light in this exhortation.  A life that is based on the practice of the Beatitudes is a radiant life.  The Christian is not inspired by some ascetic maxims in the name of a misunderstood humility, where persons try to hide their virtuous behavior.

The followers of Jesus Christ believe in His WORD and try to live it.  They flee every ostentation but what they are in themselves contains the power of God’s grace.

Those who accept it, become the light of witness, the light of a good and beautiful life; something that makes one beautiful and holy makes the heart joyful.

Lord Jesus, help me to always look up, to live Your Gospel.  Grant me to be Your light, though I am little and poor; let me shine with Your praise and glory and bless everyone around me. 

The Voice of Pope Francis 

The light of our faith, by giving ourselves, does not go out but becomes brighter.  But it can be dimmed if we do not nourish it with love and works of charity.  Each of us is called to be light and salt in the environment of our daily life, persevering in the task of regeneration.



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