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Fifth Thursday of Eastertide



May 18, 2017



WORD of the DAY

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.          (John 15 : 10)

How shall I live this Word?

Joy is the manifestation of the believer who places nothing before the love of God and lives in the presence of Christ.  God has first loved us and showed Himself in His Son who suffered and died and rose for us.  To experience joy, the Christian must remain in the love of God and try to discover His will, bear with trials that are inevitable in life, without giving in to desperation or unease.

The joy that Christ gives us is not a passing, spontaneous manifestation of a feeling; it is not a momentary emotion, but rather the predisposition of the heart and of the soul that has its source in the Holy Spirit.  If we really believe in God, we will live in His love; we will be aware of feeling understood, considered, and loved, and we will spread joy around us.

Through prayer, meditative reading of God’s Word, and above all, through charity and the concrete service of the needy, we change our life and joy becomes a fundamental characteristic of our being Christians.  Joy, like the good, spreads by itself; if we meet a joyous person, almost spontaneously, we feel like rejoicing.

Lord, grant me a great love for You that I may be a joyful person and spread Your joy around me.

The Voice of George Bernanos, Modern Author

 The opposite of Christian people is sad people.

(Diary of a Country Priest, said by Fr. Torcy to a young country curate.)




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