Posted by: livingscripture | May 6, 2017

Third Saturday of Eastertide



May 6, 2017






WORD of the DAY 

But there are some of you who do not believe. (John 6: 64)

How shall I live this Word?

How much sadness is contained in these words!  It is a bitter awareness that follows the awesome revelation of an inextinguishable fullness of love.  Jesus is speaking of the total gift that will consume Him on the cross and is prolonged in time in the Eucharist.  But even His own disciples conclude: this is a hard discourse!  Are Jesus’ words hard or is our heart hard that remains obstinately anchored in false securities and is afraid of letting itself be provoked by love?  Certainly, it is demanding to accept the total gift of Jesus.  We cannot think of eating His flesh and drinking His blood while continuing to nourish rancor, egoistical closures, and various little idols in our heart at the same time.

Love asks us to open ourselves wide to the gift of self without any distinction of persons.  Certain rigidities inevitably bring about a sclerosis of the mind and heart and render it impermeable to the Word of God so that it can no longer be reached; rather it becomes incomprehensible, hard, and incredulous.  Jesus’ question, “Do you also want to go?”, can be a providential provocation that shakes us and obliges us to take a position, removing all eventual obstacles.

Today as I pause for contemplation, I will let Jesus shake me out of my torpor with His question, “Do you also want to leave”?   I will reconfirm my adhesion to Him.

Lord, free me from a sleepy faith that does not even ask itself disquieting questions.  May your love continue to keep mine awake perhaps by getting me out of the comfortable nests into which I have settled.

The Voice of Enzo Bianchi  

Christian faith can easily become Docetism because it prefers, like all other religions, a God who is always and only omnipotent; a God who cannot become human. 

This is why Jesus repeats, “Do you also want to go?”, addressing those who have remained and they are few.  Jesus is not afraid, even if He suffers, to remain alone because He has faith in the world the Father addressed to Him, in the promise that God will never fail Him.  Others can fail Him, but God remains faithful!




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