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April 15, 2017



Today we shall live the silence of the tomb, the silence of all creation because the Word has died to bring us life.  Today we keep company to Mary, who though strong in faith, grieves for Her Son, for all His suffering.  The sword has indeed pierced her heart for what was done to her dear Son, to the Son of God!

At the Cross her station keeping

Stood the mournful Mother weeping,

Close to Jesus to the last.

Through her Heart, His sorrow sharing,

All His bitter anguish bearing,

Lo! the piercing sword had passed.

O how sad and sore distressed

Was that Mother, highly blessed,

Of the Sole-Begotten One.

Mournful, with Heart’s prostration,

Mother meek, the bitter Passion

Saw She of Her glorious Son.

Who on Christ’s dear Mother gazing,

In Her trouble so amazing,

Born of woman, would not weep?

Who on Christ’s dear Mother thinking,

Such a cup of sorrow drinking,

Would not share Her sorrow deep?

For His people’s sins rejected,

Saw Her Jesus unprotected.

Saw with thorns, with scourges rent.

Saw Her Son from judgement taken,

Her Beloved in death forsaken,

Till His Spirit forth He sent.

Fount of love and holy sorrow,

Mother, may my spirit borrow

Somewhat of your woe profound.

Unto Christ with pure emotion,

Raise my contrite heart’s devotion,

To read love in every wound.

Those Five Wounds on Jesus smitten,

Mother! in my heart be written,

Deep as in your own they be.

You, your Savior’s Cross did bare,

You, your Son’s rebuke did share.

Let me share them both with Thee.

In the Passion of my Maker,

Be my sinful soul partaker,

Weep ’til death and weep with you.

Mine with you be that sad station,

There to watch the great salvation,

Wrought upon the atoning Tree.

Virgin, you of virgins fairest,

May the bitter woe Thou bearest

Make on me impression deep.

May His Wound both wound and heal me,

He enkindle, cleanse, strengthen me, By His Cross my hope and stay.



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