Posted by: livingscripture | April 6, 2017

Fifth Thursday of Lent



WORD of the DAY


Before Abraham came to be, I AM (John 8: 51-59)

How shall I live this Word?

Jesus has no fear in proclaiming who He is and thus witnessing to His Father.  Jesus has one aim; to do His Father’s will.  He knows He will arouse the enmity of the Leaders who are already planning to kill Him but He does not draw back.

This is what we see in His followers even to this day, toiling for the good of others in war torn countries; risking their lives day after day to bring help, encouragement, compassion to His suffering children.  They pay the price.  They are kidnapped, tortured, killed, but the good continues to go on in Jesus’ name.

How do they do it?  The source of their strength and fidelity is the same as was that of Jesus as a human person.  It comes from God, from faith in God’s Providence, in God’s goodness, in God’s ability to draw good from evil.

This too, is the source of our hope.  When all seemed lost as on that terrible Good Friday, there came Easter Sunday and Life is born anew never more to die.  This is our faith!  This is our strength!

Jesus, help us to hold fast as You did in all the turmoil and sufferings of this world.

The voice of Psalm 105

 Look to the Lord in His strength;

Seek to serve Him constantly.

He the Lord is our God;

Throughout the earth, His judgments prevail…


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