Posted by: livingscripture | March 31, 2017

Fourth Friday of Lent



WORD of the DAY


Let us lie in wait for the righteous one, because he is annoying to us;

he opposes our actions.   (Wisdom 2: 12)

How shall I live this Word?

The word of the Book of Wisdom repeats an experience made at the beginning of time that continues today: to live for truth, justice, mercy, and peace do not guarantee a peaceful life, loved and respected by everyone.  Rather, in daily life, it seems the evil, the cunning, the scrupulous thrive and work only actions of evil against others without allowing any safeguards to human rights.  Living honestly is a courageous choice.  It is the only one that allows us to prolong God’s action and build His Kingdom.  But it is a choice that can condemn us to death.  The mafias, the dictatorships, religious fanaticism and integralism tend to annihilate those who love justice.  Even Jesus, by speaking clearly, truly aroused the powerful to arrest Him and eliminate Him.

Lord, Your arrest, Your death were our salvation.  By rising You conquered all those opposed to You with their destructive powers.  Help us to not fear those who threaten our life and obtain that we may live in Your light, according to Your justice and in You, the Way, Truth, Life.


The voice of the Liturgy: Prayer after Communion

 Grant, we pray O Lord, that as we pass from the old to the new, so, with former ways left behind, we may be renewed in holiness of mind.





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