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There were two babies in a mother’s womb.

One asked the other, “Do you believe in a life after birth?”

The other replied, “Of course!  There has to be something after birth.  Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what will come later”.

“Foolishness”, said the first; “There is no life after birth!  What kind of life would it be?”

The second answered, “I don’t know, but there will be more light than there is here.  Maybe we will be able to walk with our legs and eat with our mouths.  Maybe we will have other senses we cannot understand now”.

The first one answered, “Ridiculous!  The umbilical cord is all we need…and then it is too short.  Life after birth is out of the question”.

The second one continued to insist, “Well, I believe that there is something and maybe different from what is here.  Maybe the people will no longer need this tube”.

The first disagreed, “Foolishness, and besides, if there is really  life after birth, then why has no one ever come back here?  Birth is the end of life and after birth there is nothing but obscurity, silence, and oblivion.  Birth will bring us nowhere”.

“Well, I don’t know,” said the second, “but surely we will find mother and she will take care of  us”.

The first one answered, “Mother?  You really believe in a mother?  This, yes, is ridiculous.  If there is a mother, where is she now?”

The second one responded, “She is around us.  We are surrounded by her.  We are in her.  It is because of her that we are living.  Without her, this world would not and could not exist”.

The first one replied, “Well, I cannot see her, therefore it is logical that she does not exist”.

To this, the second one responded, “Sometimes, when I am in silence, if I concentrate to really listen, I can note her presence and feel her voice from above”.


This is how an Hungarian author explained the existence of God.



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