Posted by: livingscripture | February 6, 2017

Fifth Monday of Ordinary Time


WORD of the DAY

As many as touched it were healed.  (Mark 6: 56)

How shall I live this Word?images (6)

Certainly this Word touches the heart of all believers.  If you are sick from delusions or tiredness, He revives you.  If you are in the darkness of doubt, He will make the sun of Faith in Him, which is salvation, be reborn in you.  The important thing is to TOUCH HIM!

Lord, I know, I have learned: I touch You if I pray without giving in to apathy and fatigue.  I touch You in Your Word, frequented every day not just once in a while.  I touch You if this Word becomes the deep oxygenated breath of the pure air of life that fills all my existence.O my Lord, grant that I may touch You.  Grant that I may touch You in a continual breath of faith that gives me the oxygen of hope and becomes the strength and warmth of CHARITY.

The voice of Meister Eckhart, German Mystic

If in your life, the only prayer you recited was a simple ‘thank you’, it would already be enough.



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