Posted by: livingscripture | January 13, 2017

First Friday in Ordinary Time


WORD of the DAY

They were all astounded and glorified God, saying, ‘We have never seen anything like this’.  (Mark: 2: 1-12 )

How shall I live this Word?image078- worship

They were astounded!  Have we still the capacity to be astounded at our God and all His marvels?  Do we still possess the ability to be in awe at the perfection of creation, its intrinsic laws, its beauty, its secrets, its variety.  Do we stand in awe of each other, of the greatness of the human mind’s imagination, inventiveness, intelligence; of the capacities of the human heart to love, to compassion, to forgive, to share?

These are gifts to be developed in ourselves and in our children.  God has shared His abundant gifts with us and so we are able to continually create new cures, new medicines, better means of communication and how to extend them to all peoples.  There is seemingly no limit to what humans can do for the betterment of the world and every person in it.

Oh, if only we would be astounded and glorify God what a different world we would be living in and handing on to future generations!  This is what God asks of us, to be co-creators with Him in bringing about His Kingdom of love already present in seed on the earth.  It is the task of each one of us because God trusts us and has confidence in us.

Jesus, grant me the capacity for awe, for wonderment as I contemplate You and Your creation, as I relate with my sisters and brothers.  Imbue us with hope, with faith, with love.

The Voice of Venerable Mother Julienne Morrell, OP

The incomprehensible grandeur of the perfections of our God should move us to praise and glorify him.  Ecclesiastes says, “Glorify the Lord as much as ever you can, for he will yet far exceed, and his magnificence is wonderful.  Blessing the Lord, exalt him as much as you can; for he is above all praise.





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