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 WORD of the DAY


Arise! Shine, for your light has come,  the glory of the LORD has dawned upon you.                                  (Isaiah 60: 1)

How shall I live this Word?star 4

The solemnity of the Epiphany leads us to recognize the thousands of manifestations of God in our life.  His regal divinity was able to show itself to the Magi, who were desirous of seeing the little king promised by a star they had followed for months.  And this is Christmas!

Still today, we do not cease to associate the mystery of Christmas with other solemn manifestations of Jesus: His Baptism in the Jordan; the Transfiguration on Tabor; and also the miracle of Cana, where water is transformed into wine.  These all reveal that God became man.  That day, He did nothing.  He only asked that the jars be filled with water.  He does this because His Mother asks Him to and the servants are the witnesses that the water became wine.  A new glory begins to shine in areas far from places where history is made.

This premise introduces new relationships that become ever more explicit and manifest the various faces of God in Christ Jesus.   They are evident manifestation but are grasped only by those who honestly approach this mystery.  They continue even in our life and in our times.  Clear and evident as always, they are understood only by those ready to recognize them.  For the others, they are dark incomprehensible mysteries so much so that they pass as nonexistent.

Lord, grant that I may be able today to recognize Your manifestations in my life.  Give me the coordinates so that I will not lose You nor exchange Your for another.


The Voice of the Liturgy 

O God, may Your light always accompany us in every place, so that we may contemplate You in purity of faith and taste with fervent love, the mystery You have made us participants in.


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Comment by Sr. Sylvia Biglietti, FMA


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