Posted by: livingscripture | January 3, 2017

Tuesday before Epiphany


 WORD of the DAY


If you consider that he is righteous, you also know that everyone who acts in righteousness is begotten by him.   (1 John 2: 29)


How shall I live this Word?Fwpainti[1]

 The New Testament rewrites the meaning of many words and many dimensions of human living.  One of these is justice.  It certainly must have been disconcerting for the first Christian communities to live the new dimensions of justice delineated by Jesus.

Justice for the good Hebrew came from having meditated and interpreted the revelation of Yahweh.  It culminates in the ten commandments, the ten words marked a confine that made it possible to say just and mistaken.  From the people’s experience and from the progressive revelations of God, it was permitted to articulate ulterior precepts; in the Torah there are tens of pages tied to the law of holiness, to codices that allowed them to understand how to live justice without exceptions.

Jesus comes and by His birth alone brings the obligation of putting everything in discussion.  His conception is a motive of for preoccupation for Mary, but she quickly enters into the new logic, and the presence of the Holy Spirit reassures her that it is the work of God.  More complex is Joseph’s reaction who feels the is a betrayed fiancé/husband. With more complex passages, he arrives at a new meaning of justice that allows him to receive the child and with Him the newness of GOD.  All of Jesus’ preaching and actions are provocations for justice as it was understood by Israel;  cures and other work on the Sabbath Day, condemnations no longer executed, preventive purifications and measures against impurity not respected.  Even John the Baptist needs confirmation about who the Messiah really is.

Lord, Your justice goes arm in arm with peace.  It is not distance; it is not judgment.  It is a dynamic toward a new harmony; it is the expression of mercy and of truth together.  Help us to be just in Your name, according to Your word, according to Your heart.

 The Voice of Psalm 84

Lord, you have been good with your land…

Mercy and truth meet

Justice and peace kiss.




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