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WORD of the DAY


But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law.   (Galatians 4: 4)


How shall I live this Word?mother_child_79[1]

 With a few words, St. Paul describes the mystery of the Incarnation:  God sends His Son into the world and places Him under two conditions: to be born of a woman and to be born under the Law.  The second condition is immersion in what already existed, the fruit and expression of the old world to be assumed in order to destroy it and free humanity from it.  The first condition is, however, a novelty.  In order to be accomplished, it requires the explicit adhesion of another person, an already existing creature, a woman, whose availability  to God becomes generative.  Her availability not only allows the Son of God to enter into the world, but it allows all of humanity in Christ, those already existed, those of her contemporaries, and those of the future, to be adopted in her by God.  This person, Mary, becomes the Mother of God and of all humanity.  It is through Her that we creatures of God are recognized as Children.  Children of God freed from the Law; children capable of a new freedom; children responsible for a new heritage, a new covenant.  The humanity of Jesus is possible, is guaranteed, and is protected in Her.  In Her, our divinity is realized.

Lord, grant that we never forget in the daily routine of this new year that begins, the beauty of our humanity that can create, grow, educate, take care of others and of the world; grant that we never forget the divinity that is in us and that transcends us and makes us capable of loving and suffering, sharing and hoping like You.

 The Voice of a Theologian

 All the Churches have as an ecumenical basis of faith, the Creed of Nicea/Constantinople, that is considered a faithful summary of the fundamental message of the Word of God contained in Sacred Scripture.  Together, all Christians confess Jesus Christ as the “Only begotten Son of God, generated by the Father before time…generated not created, consubstantial with the Father”.  This only Son of the Father “was incarnated by work of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary and became human”.  All Christians confess Mary, Virgin and Mother of God (Teotókos) according to the Bible and Tradition …in her precisely Christological role, Mary appears as the one who contemporaneously affirms and defends the humanity of Jesus Christ and His divinity. In fact, she is fully a woman and through this, is the mother of a true man, Jesus.  But the New Testament also calls her the Mother of the Lord, of Kyrios.




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