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WORD of the DAY

He was not the light, but came to testify to the light.  (John 1: 7)

 How shall I live this Word?010308_lead_tbg[1]

 In the Prologue of his Gospel, John speaks of the precursor of Jesus, John the Baptist who had recognized the Messiah in the man who had gone to him to receive the baptism of penitence in the waters of the River Jordan.  Precisely here, in the solemn opening of his Gospel, the evangelist proclaims the truth and gives clarity to the confused minds of those awaiting the Messiah.

This Messiah did not coincide with the person of John, but it is here formulated in such a way as to reveal the identity of the precursor of Jesus.  Who is he in reality?  He is the one who bears testimony to the True Light come to illumine every person and therefore, he is the witness of Jesus.  The Lord Jesus is the Light of the world and John the Baptist is His first  strong and pure witness.

Lord, I believe ever more deeply that You with Your Word and with Your Church that interprets it, are the Light of every person who comes into the world.  You give meaning to our living and dying.  You illumine all.  Grant that I too may be Your witness: a witness to Your being the LIGHT that reveals even the darkest  regions of life.

 The Voice of Pope Francis

The world has so much need of witnesses…Not so much for teachers as for witnesses.  Do not speak a lot but speak with your whole life: coherence of life, truly coherence of life!  A coherent life that lives Christianity as an encounter with Jesus who brings me to others and not as a social fact.  Socially we are this way, we are Christians closed in ourselves.  No, not this way!  Witness!




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