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WORD of the DAY

What we have seen and heard

we proclaim now to you,

so that you too may have fellowship with us;

for our fellowship is with the Father

and with his Son, Jesus Christ. (1 John 1: 3)


How shall I live this Word?Christmas


In the first letter of the disciple “whom Jesus loved” with a love of predilection (he was a deep and simple young man) gives us an important proof that reinforces our faith.

In fact in his Gospel he narrates how he was the first one to arrive at the tomb and soon saw that the Crucified One was no longer there.  This is unique proof of the Resurrection from Sacred Scripture given by a faithful witness who is deeply united with His Teacher and far from any reason to lie.

Thank You Jesus, that in the host of Saints which enrich our spiritual life, you wanted St. John, an honest young man with water from the Source and as ardent as fire.

Grant that I may be a little like him, able to witness to You and Your Gospel everywhere.


 The Voice of Fr. Fernando Armellini, Biblist

 To be a witness, it is enough to have seen the Lord truly alive, beyond death.  Witnessing  is not the same as giving good example.  This is certainly useful but witnessing is something else.  Only those who have passed from death to life can give it.  Only those who can attest that their life has changed and have acquired a sense of what was illumined by the light of Easter, those who have experienced that faith in Christ gives meaning to joys and sufferings and brightens both happy and sad moments.







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