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 WORD of the DAY


Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,  for he has visited and brought redemption to his people.

 (Luke 1: 68)


How shall I live this Word?122507_lead_today[1]

Today is Christmas Eve preceding the great event of the birth of Christ, King of Peace.  Tonight throughout the world, believers or not, all people will be aware that it is a special night, and there is something different in the air.  Many homes will be making special preparations; the streets are full of light; there are many trees and decorations; many gifts; and many images of the Baby Jesus who comes for us.

Tonight we can say with Zechariah, “Blest be the Lord, the God of Israel because He has visited and redeemed His people”.  Yes, the Lord came for us because we are His people, we need His redemption.  We recognize that we are sinners, but we want to live in the way of peace and light.

We really need light and peace.  This is the great desire of our world.  Let us unite in prayer to implore this gift and let us contribute to this by being builders of peace.  Let there be a lasting truce, with no more wars.  Let us ask Jesus for this gift with our whole heart…no more wars…no more violence…no more suffering of the little ones.  Let us act to build peace.

The Voice of Pope Francis

Prayer for Peace  2016

Lord God of peace, hear our supplication!  We have tried many times and for many years to resolve our conflicts with our strength and with our arms; so many times of hostility and of darkness; so much blood shed; so many lives lost; so many hopes buried…but our efforts have been in vain.  Help us now Lord!  You give us peace, teach us Your peace, guide us toward Your peace.  Open our eyes and hearts and give us the courage to say: “No more war!  War destroys  everything!”

Infuse in us the courage to accomplish concrete gestures to build peace.  Lord, God of Abraham and the Prophets, God Love who has created us and called us to live as brothers and sisters, give us the strength to be artisans of peace every day.  Give us the capacity to look with benevolence at our sisters and brothers whom we meet on our journey.  Make us ready to listen to the cry of our citizens who ask us to transform our arms into instruments of peace; our fears into trust; and our tensions into forgiveness.  Keep lit in us the flame of hope to accomplish with patient perseverance choices of dialog and reconciliation so that peace will finally win out and words of division, hatred, war will be banished from the vocabulary of all human beings.  Lord, disarm our tongue and our hands; renew our hearts and minds so that the word with which we greet each other will always be ‘brother/sister’.  Then our style of life will become: shalom, peace, salam!  Amen




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