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Fourth Thursday of Advent



WORD of the DAY


The Lord has done great things for me and holy is his name

(Luke 1: 49)

How shall I live this Word?couv_us[1]

After having received the plan of God, Mary leaves immediately to go to her cousin Elizabeth.  She fills her home with a hymn of praise because of her gratitude for God’s gift.  This hymn is ours as well.

Mary’s Canticle is one of the hymns of the first Christian communities.  It reveals her level of consciousness and the firmness of her faith that animated her entirely.  Sung in our communities, Mary’s canticle teaches us how to pray and to sing.

Together with Mary we can prepare our heart for the birth of the Savior, finding a place of silence deep within us and to calmly look at our life.  We will rediscover all the marvels that God has done for us.  Gratitude opens life to goodness and to service because we have received so much that the desire rises within us to give to others the Love of God come to life in us.  The recognition that God is Holy and calls us to holiness, leads us to know that with Him everything is possible.  He knows our fragility and continues to trust us and to propose to us the heights of happiness.

This canticle is also a call to a joyful verification in our family and community.  Let us sing together, aware of all that works for the unity of the people with whom we live and share.

Thank You Lord for Your marvels and Your fidelity.  My life is full of Your mercy and I want to share Your Love with all my sisters and brothers, with the whole world that has so much need of You.

 The Voice of Pope Francis   (August 15. 2015)

 Our Lady’s Canticle lets us intuit the meaning fulfilled in Mary’s event, the great things done in her by the Omnipotent that touch us deeply, that speak to our voyage in life.  They remind us of the goal that awaits us, the House of the Father.  Our life is not a senseless wandering, but a pilgrimage that even with all its uncertainties and sufferings, has a sure goal: the house of our Father who waits for us with love.  It is lovely to think of this: that we have a Father who waits for us with love and that our Mother Mary is also there and waits for us with love.


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