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Fourth Wednesday of Advent



Fourth Wednesday of Advent – December 21, 2016


WORD of the DAY

Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s word would be fulfilled.

(Luke 1: 45)

How shall I live this Word?0531-L[1]

Mary, the Lord’s handmaid, rises quickly and goes to the home of her cousin Elizabeth, bringing the Life that she guards in her womb.  Elizabeth receives Mary (and Jesus) with gratitude and trust, recognizing in Mary’s service God’s gratuitous gift.

They are the small things of everyday life that make us see and touch the presence of God.  Today, this Bible passage invites us to contemplate persons and events, asking the Lord to help us to discover in them the newness of Love.  Thus, even what seems already known, will reveal part of a marvelous project that brings Life.

Elizabeth’s praise of Mary: “Blessed are you who believed that the word of the Lord would be fulfilled” is the message that each of us can discover to praise God as we see the witness of many dear persons and neighbors who show in their life the strong faith of those who hope only in God.

Help me Lord, to bring You along the roads of life; together with Mary I want to be a witness to Your Presence.

 The Voice of a Song of Praise (Remain beside me – Gen Verde

Grant that those who look at me see only You,

Grant that those who listen to me hear only You,

And those who think of me,

grant that they think of You in their heart

And find the love that You gave to me.





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