Posted by: livingscripture | December 1, 2016

First Thursday of Advent


WORD of the DAY


Jesus said to his disciples:
Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’
will enter the Kingdom of heaven,
but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.

(Matthew 7: 21-27)


How shall I live this Word?0703md03[1]


We are in the Novena of the Immaculate Conception and this passage of today’s Gospel is very appropriate to apply to Our Lady.  She is truly our exemplar in doing the will of the Father in Heaven as she pronounced her ‘Fiat’ and became the Mother of Jesus.

Like Mary, we do not know all the details of the Lord’s plan for us and when we say ‘yes’, ‘do with me as You will’ as Mary did, it is like signing a blank check, handing over to God’ our entire selves that He may ‘spend’ us as He knows best.  And certainly, God does know best…what is best for us and for this world He so lovingly created and sustains in existence.

This Advent season and this Novena are opportunities for us to renew our trust in God who makes all turn to the good of those who love Him.  We have luminous examples to follow in Jesus and Mary and all the saints and we can ask their help as well.  Then truly, we will be joyful and peaceful people who can spread that joy and peace to others.

Mary, show us the way to do whatever God the Father tells us with complete confidence and love.

 The voice of Psalm 31

 Blessed be the Lord who has shown me the wonders of His love…Love the Lord, all you saints…He guards His faithful…Be strong, let your heart take courage, all who hope in the Lord.












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