Posted by: livingscripture | November 29, 2016

First Tuesday of Advent


 WORD of the DAY


You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the childlike.

(Luke 10: 21-24)


How shall I live this Word?mary-advent-1

How often our dear Jesus shows His appreciation for the children, for those who are childlike, which has nothing to do with childishness.  It is a quality of the soul and of the mind that is open, that trusts, that confides and thus can see God’s presence in multiple ways, especially in creation where God’s hand is most lovingly evident in its enchanting beauty.  Simple people know God intuitively.  They do not put barriers, erect walls, rationalize, seek tangible proofs, although proofs abound as well.  Children have this quality if it has not been taken from them.  Look into the eyes of an innocent child and you will see what Jesus sees, what I myself have seen too.

It is a grace to ask if we have lost this childlikeness that opens us to what is not seen, like a flower opening to the light of the sun.  Advent is here and we have this lovely season of expectancy to revive us, to set us on the journey again to meet the Christ who is always present and to relish His closeness.

Mary, our Mother, teach us simplicity of heart and mind that we may perceive God’s presence and love in our life each day.  Prepare us to welcome the Lord Jesus at each moment!


 The voice of the then seven year old Daughter of Dorothy Day

 Just remember Him, she said.  Like after I go to Communion in the morning, then lots of times during the day I suddenly remember that I’ve got God.  That’s prayer too.


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