Posted by: livingscripture | November 25, 2016

Friday of the Last Week of Ordinary Time


From the Word of the Day 

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.               (Revelation 21-1)


 How should we live this Word    Landscape-Arch-by-Moosebite[1]

A new heaven and a new earth are very frequent prophetic images.  It is a cosmic way of saying change, to affirm newness, the good news that changes the face of creation.  Creation does not stop, but has impressed in itself the possibility of continuous generation and of transforming death into life.  The heavens and the earth disappear first and reproduce a new earth and new heavens.  The renewed virginity of the universe makes space for the generation of Him who is the principle of everything: Christ.

Renewal is the desire hidden in each of us; the deep desire of renewal, of changing what is hidden behind our pessimisms, discouragements.  However, it is inherent in our hopes, so much so that each day we try to have the conditions for these heavens and earth to arrive, find space and possibility in our world.

Lord, what are the new heavens and the new earth of today?  What must die in us and grow in us so that God’s newness may reveal itself and not remain suffocated by our sterile nostalgia? 

The voice of Pope Francis 

The Gospel is new.  Revelation is new.  Our God is a God who always does new things and asks us for docility to His newness.  In the Gospel, Jesus is clear on this; He is very clear: new wine in new wine-skins.  God brings the wine, but it must be received with this openness to newness.  This is called docility.  We can ask ourselves: am I docile to the Word of God or do I always do what I think the Word of God is?  Or do I let the Word of God pass for something else and in the end, it is something other than what God wants to do?





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