Posted by: livingscripture | October 6, 2016

27th Thursday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

I say to you: ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find; knock and it will be opened to you.  (Luke 11: 9)

 How should we live this Word image037-praise

Ask, seek, knock:  three verbs that express insistence in prayer.  They are connected with the story Jesus relates of a man in urgent need who knocks on his neighbor’s door, who even though in a deep sleep, opens the door to his friend whose insistence claims victory. It seems that a characteristic of prayer proposed by Jesus is precisely insistence in overcoming the endemic pessimism.  Sometimes we can meet people who have real anger against God in their heart.  They had asked something good and holy, like the healing of a child or something similar and instead they found death staring them in the face.  What now?    Above all, we must admit that we are on the threshold of Mystery.  We must remember that even in darkness, this Mystery is full of great light.  God is merciful Love.  If He does not grant us something that we value a lot, it is only because His vision is infinitely greater than ours.  In His vision, what is truly good for the person often does not coincide with what it seems to us.  We are myopic because we can only see the present.  God instead, sees the whole history of humanity and each single person.  God knows how to guide.  He can draw light even from the darkness.

Lord, I will continue to pray even if at times the response seems empty.  I firmly believe that sometimes it is only delayed.  Above all, I believe in a basic reality.  The Good (and God is the highest good) is substantially everything; evil is only a piece.  Let me be ever more convinced and grant that even in my fragility, I may always want what You want for me and for the good of all.

 The Voice of Enzo Bianchi, Founder of Bose

 In Faith I sing: my night is not obscure and everything becomes clear in the Light.


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