Posted by: livingscripture | May 16, 2016

Monday after Pentecost



From the Word of the Day

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief.

(Mark 9: 24)

 How should we live this Word casting out devils

 With trust and humility, a father asks healing for his son tormented by a serious illness, which was considered diabolical possession.  Jesus intervenes with His goodness and His power after the apostles failed to free the boy, because they had little faith.

The disciples ask for an explanation and Jesus helps them to understand that they had not prayed with enough faith in God.  Only with faith and ardent prayer can we obtain grace from God.  If we are closed in our own egoism and our self-sufficiency, we cannot acquire power and benevolence from God.  Let us ask God as the father of the sick boy did, to increase our faith so often weak and defective, to open our heart to mercy and compassion for all human beings.

Lord Jesus, You are with us, alive and true, in the Eucharist.  Increase our faith; give us a faith that loves.  You who see us and listen to us; You who speak to us, illumine our mind so that we may believe more.  Warm our heart so that we can love You more!  Your admirable and sublime presence attracts us, grasps us, and conquers us.  Lord, give us more faith; and faith that is more alive. 

The Voice of St. John Paul II

 Prayer is nothing other than union with God.  I think that when we adore God, we obtain all that we ask, if we pray with lively faith and a heart that is totally pure.





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