Posted by: livingscripture | May 14, 2016

Seventh Saturday of Easter


From the Word of the Day

This is my commandment: love one another.

 How should we live this Word 

 This is not a suggestion but a commandment.  It is substantially the whole law given to Moses and is also the preaching of the Prophets.  But one thing is clear; if it deals with a summary, this means that the other commands and precepts, even those that seem to be only prohibitions and negations, in reality,jcheart are closely connected to this splendid synthesis.

Yes, splendid, and not in a rhetorical sense.  In fact, its splendor is shown to those who penetrate the meaning of things.  In our case, for those who have understood that the ones who are truly alive are only those who dedicate themselves to love; those who have understood the value of love as the highest meaning and fullness of life.

At any age of our existence what counts the most is always to receive and live this therapeutic invitation, the summary of God’s Law and what He wants from us.  Yes, the Lord knows that even today indifference in regard to others is a grave illness.  He does not hesitate to threaten perdition for those who remain lost in their egoism, intent only on procuring comforts and pleasures for self.

God decided to love me in the very instant in which He created me.  He gave me, as He gave the entire cosmos, the Law that illumines and shines giving meaning to each existence, even the most humble.

Lord, give me an attentive gaze to grasp how I can help my neighbor, especially those who are nearest.  Persuade me that even a glance of goodness, a smile, an affectionate gesture, my tone of voice, the words I say…all can be the ‘flour of love’ for the bread that feeds the world. 

An anonymous voice 

Love is the word most used and abused.  However, its deep meaning is a fire that burns and before which everyone asks to warm themselves.



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