Posted by: livingscripture | April 6, 2016

Second Wednesday of Easter


From the Word of the Day

In fact, God did not send His Son into the world to condemn it, but so that the world would be saved through Him.

(John 3: 17)

 How should we live this Word Jesus appears

The word ‘world’ is used here to indicate the whole of humanity.  In another passage, we read that God so loved the world that He sent His Only Son to save it.  Sometimes we hear it said that the world, understood as a worldly mentality, is under the dominion of the devil.

John instead tells us of this will of salvation that God has always nourished to the point of making us aware that He sent His Only Son, not to institute a process of condemnation of the world, but precisely to save it from all that is evil, disgraceful, and destructive.

God has done all for us.  What more precious could He have given us than the gift of His Son, the Incarnate Word, Jesus?  Yes, we know this since we were children preparing for our First Communion.  But I also know that it can become lost in the news and in information from the mass media.

Today I will ponder this great gift from God, our dearest Jesus, and thank Him.  This Easter time is the opportunity to bask in the light of God’s great love for me in Jesus’ birth, life, passion, death, and resurrection. 

The Voice of St. Gregory Nazianzen, Doctor and Father of the Church

 God rejoices the most over the conversion and salvation of human beings.



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