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Solemnity of St. Joseph Spouse of Mary


From the Word of the Day

Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house? (Luke 2: 49)                                                 

How should we live this WordJoseph 1

St. Joseph’s feast brings us into the mystery of paternity, divine and human.  The temple episode mixes the anxiety of the father and mother for the loss of their dear son over a period of days and the demanding mission of the little one.  Both are illumined by the aspects of this paternity: to care for and protect, but also to allow to grow, train to responsibility, open the child to its vocation and let it go.

What must Joseph have thought hearing those words of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple?  The words sound a bit disrespectful and pretentious as those of many adolescents who question the parental capacity of adults.  In fact, Joseph was the one who had directed him on this path by making Him love the Scriptures, orienting Him to God in every season of the year, of every day, and in whatever situation He found Himself.  Joseph had not only guarded the person of Jesus, but also the image of God in Him.  He had contemplated Him and allowed Him to express Himself and this is the result.  The things of the Father are my life, my mission; did you not know this?

Both Joseph and Mary knew this.  But just like other things we know, when they happen, they oblige us to deal with them quickly and need time to be assimilated and understood.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will ponder on this touching scene and listen to what it says to me.

Lord, I entrust to St. Joseph the need for fatherliness of our times.

The Voice of Massimo Recalcati 

We are looking for a new father, a father who witnesses, who incarnates the Law, the Truth; who gives witness with his own life and choices to a possible meaning, a possible Law, a possible Truth.  The father who gives witness can be an adoptive father, since this is not of blood, but rather the capacity to show the link between law and desire, its essential quality.


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