Posted by: livingscripture | March 13, 2016

Fifth Sunday of Lent



From the Word of the Day

Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not.  See, I am doing something new!  Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? In the wilderness I make a way; in the wasteland, rivers.     (Isaiah 43: 18-19) 

How should we live this Wordbluete4

We are nearing the end of Lent and the Liturgy accelerates its pace, making us feel the fire of this strong time.  Today, Isaiah tells us not to think of things past but to recognize the novelty that is coming to life around us.  What is this novelty?  It is a seed that has grown in silence for hundreds of years amid the indifference and preoccupations of humanity.  It has rooted itself in history and in all the spaces possible.  Now it explodes, like the spring flowers upon the trees that seemed so dead and lifeless, covering them in splendid colors.

The novelty is Jesus who writes upon this earth as the woman is accused of adultery in today’s Gospel.  He fulfills the Law, bringing out its spirit and doing away with its rigidity.  Jesus regenerates humanity and gives it new life.  He gives the possibility of resurrection, of conquering death and sin.

Jesus does not respond to the shouts of the crowd, but writes in the dust and forces them to think of the true meaning of the Law with His creative gesture.  They all go away without another word.  The message arrived, strong and clear, to their heart.  There is no one left to condemn. The heavy yoke of the Law is broken forever.  Jesus rehabilitates and helps the woman to help herself; “Go and sin no more”.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will ask Jesus to help me delve more and more into the newness He brings to life and to all of humanity.

Lord, let the novelty of Your resurrection pervade my entire being, all my thoughts, and help me to never judge anyone.

The Voice of Pope Francis

May the Lord, in this Lent, give us the grace to accuse ourselves in the awareness that we are capable of the most evil things and say, “Have mercy on me, Lord.  Help me to feel shame and give me mercy so that I can be merciful with others.





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