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Fourth Friday of Lent



From the Word of the Day

Then, as Jesus was teaching in the Temple, he cried out: You know me and you know where I came from. Yet I have not come of my own accord: but he who sent me is true; You do not know him. (John 7: 28) 

How should we live this Word jcheart

Today’s Gospel presents us Jesus who is living the drama of the abandonment of the leaders of His nation who do not recognize Him as the Messiah.  Jesus’ true identity is supported by His Heavenly Father who witnesses to Him and confirms that He is the Messiah and the revealer of truth.  The Son knows the Father perfectly and proclaims Him to His listeners.

What stand do we take at Jesus’ message?  Do we receive Him as the voice of the Father who is in heaven and in our heart?  This time of Lent is appropriate for listening to the Father and living as true and authentic Christians.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will say many acts of faith, acclaiming Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus, give me a heart and mind able to receive Your message.  Strengthen my will to do and live Your Word. 

The Voice of Simeon, the new Theologian, Monk of the 10th Century 

The Lord said, “Scrutinize the Scriptures” (John 5: 30).  Therefore, scrutinize them and remember with much fidelity and faith what they say.  Thus, clearly knowing God’s will, you will be able to distinguish good from evil without making a mistake, instead of listening to whatever spirit and being dragged into evil thoughts.


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