Posted by: livingscripture | March 1, 2016

Third Tuesday of Lent



From the Word of the Day

Those who trust in you cannot be put to shame.  (Daniel 3: 40)                                

How should we live this Word holy Face 3

The prophet Daniel gives space to an locution to the Israelites given by their King Azaria.  These are hard times for the chosen people.  It seems like everything is collapsing. And yet, this man lives and declares his faith, affirming that there is always hope for those who trust in God; there can be no disappointment.

Even for us, this discourse is as timely today as in those times.  In the orbit of our life, we certainly are not exempted from delusions. We can be disappointed by a work undertaken with zeal or an enterprise initially begun with success.  Even an apostolic initiative can disappoint us by not giving the expected fruit.  A child to whom we have dedicated so much affection can delude us.  We can be deluded by our spouse or friend.  There is nothing human that does not have the capacity to delude us, even if only for a moment, with all its consequences.  Everything is marked by limitations and transience.  The only reality that never deludes us is the one identified with God-Love.  Precisely because it is Divine, it is a Love that is beyond betrayals, limits, lacks.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I shall cling even more tightly to God and thank Him for His love.

Lord, my certain Hope, my Sun that never sets, my Love that never disappoints me, help me to put all my trust in You; to grow day by day in my response to Your grace, in my absolute trust in You! 

The Voice of an anonymous seeker of God 

In you, O God, there can be no delusion, because You are the fullness and the completeness of every truth, goodness, and beauty.  You never disappoint!





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