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 February 10, 2016


From the Word of the Day

As he said, ‘At the time of my favor I have answered you; on the day of salvation I have helped you’; well, now is the real time of favor, now the day of salvation is here.

(2 Corinthians 6:2)

 How should we live this Word Highway_Home_blank-961x828[1]

Today is Ash Wednesday.  The Liturgy of the Word helps us to change the channel, to synchronize ourselves from a Kronos time that now becomes Kairos time, which is the opposite of Kronos time with its inexorable and voracious flow of days that only seem to deprive, impoverish, and subjugate people.  Kairos time is a positive opportunity, a possibility, an occasion.  It is a taking flight over the flow of the future in the present and past and that restores density and consistency to all that Kronos has emptied.  It is a kind of hiatus between the flow of hours; a vital suspension that regenerates, brings life, and allows Salvation to redirect our existence.  In this hiatus, the gifts of grace take shape in us; forgiveness rebuilds the possibility of living and beginning again.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I shall ask Jesus to give me a true Lenten attitude that allows His grace to flow through me and renew His image in me.

Lord, please do not allow me to be lost in the banality of chronological time.  Let Lent be the Kairos time of salvation so that I may recompose myself, reflect myself in You, and choose You, the only Savior of the world.

The Voice of Pope Francis 

Listening to the Word and the works of mercy is the best ways to prepare ourselves to celebrate the victory over sin and death by the Risen Lord.  He desires to purify His promised Spouse in the time of waiting for His coming.  Let us not lose this time of Lent so favorable for conversion. 






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