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Second Saturday of Ordinary Time



From the Word of the Day

He came home.  Again [the] crowd gathered, making it impossible for them even to eat.  When his relatives heard of this, they set out to seize him, for they said, “He is out of his mind”.   (Mark 3: 20-21)

How should we live this Wordgesicht-christus-impegno 

Again, a huge crowd follows Jesus, even into the house.  They are so crowded together that they could not even eat.  In this Bible passage, the house is not considered a place for the family where they could be tranquil and protected.  It is invaded by so many people and produces confusion and discomfort.  Thus, His family comes, His relatives, who leave their home to go to get Him because they think He is crazy.  According to them, Jesus should have more common sense and use His qualities better.  Instead, Jesus sympathizes with sinners and ignores His own best interests.  They could see that with His goodness and naivety, He will end badly.

How often we too have hostile reactions when someone we know has an original idea or proposes some good action?  These are the prejudices that urge us to demolish, or at least, to criticize.   It is the usual story that for the Son of God meant His Passion and Death.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will recall the words of Pope Francis, “We can kill with words”.  I will ask Jesus to give me words and thoughts that are positive.

Jesus, place in me Your words and thoughts. 

The Voice of Prayer

At the rising of the sun, listen O Father, to the prayer of the humble.  Give us meek words that do not shake with pride or anger.  Give us pure eyes that overcome the turbulent suggestions of evil.



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