Posted by: livingscripture | January 17, 2016

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time



From the Word of the Day

There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.  Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding.  When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.”  And Jesus said to her, “Woman, how does your concern affect me?  My hour has not yet come.”  His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.”                     (John 2: 1-11)

How should we live this Wordwedding feast 2

It is not by chance that at the beginning of Jesus’ public life there is a wedding because in Him God has espoused humanity.  This is the Good News expressed by a Messiah who made the table an altar.  It was precisely at a table that He celebrated the deepest and most sacred events.  Right there, in the place of festivity and conviviality; He situated the miracles of His mercy and His love.  The whole mystery of Cana is based on the presence of this Spouse who begins to reveal Himself.  Mary, His Mother, is also there.  She is the one first mentioned in the Gospel.  She is the one who, with her feminine attention, notices that the wine has run out.  Notwithstanding her Son’s response, she does not hesitate and seems to require that first miracle, which may seem banal and not sufficiently grandiose to be considered the manifestation of the Son of God.

Instead, at Cana comes the revelation of the very human heart of Jesus and of His Mother.

This response to a question of ordinary happiness, only a God can understand and listen to.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will turn to Mary with the prayer of the Salve Regina that calls her the Mother of Mercy.

Mary, draw the mercy of Jesus upon me!

The Voice of David M. Turoldo, Poet

Now a song flowers from the heart…like a gift to offer you, O Mother.

 You persuaded your Son to work His first sign at the wedding of Cana. 

You told Him, ‘They have no more wine’.

 From then, your eye is the first to see the joy disappear from the guests,

 but now, you know and may command.





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