Posted by: livingscripture | November 23, 2015

34th Monday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“He noticed a poor widow putting in two small coins.”     

(Luke: 21: 2)

How should we live this WordWidow's mite

 The widow is not a personage of a parable.  This time, Jesus is speaking from reality, from something that everyone can see.  He is in the temple and is speaking to the people and His discourse is centering on the provocations launched against Him by the priests and scribes and elders of the people.  They had chosen and sent people to act righteous and ask Jesus questions in order to lead Him to say things that could be termed blasphemous.  Jesus is aware of this and does not keep away from their evil game, neither does He stop saying new upsetting words that are provoking.  They do not succeed to make Him say weak words or ones they can manipulate.

A widow gets into the line of the rich braggarts who toss money into the temple treasury.  To the echoing sounds of the large coins alternates the tinny sound of the two small coins of the woman who gives all she had to live on.  It is not the sound of words but that of similar gestures which are radically different in their motivations and in the nature of the gift.  These build the discourse and compare the superfluous with the necessary for survival; with total gift and distorted gift transformed in the marketing of oneself.  A gift is such because it is detached from the giver and becomes a common good, divisible, useful for everyone.  But if the giving becomes a movement that turns back on the giver, it dies and makes the giver sterile.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will stand with Jesus as He wisely values the smaller gift given with all of one’s heart and trust.  I will ask Him to help me always give as the widow gave.

Lord, help me to walk in Your Truth always.  This alone makes my gift authentic.  It purifies my intentions and helps me to share for love of You alone.

 The Voice of Pope Francis at the Church Convention of Florence

 Dialogue is not negotiating.  Negotiating means getting my piece of the common cake.  Dialoging is seeking the common good of everyone, discussing together, and thinking of solutions that benefit everyone.



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