Posted by: livingscripture | October 10, 2015

27th Saturday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice.”     

(Luke 11: 28)

How should we live this Wordlight_and_truth_dewey1[1]

 The theme of hearing recurs in the entire Bible, but especially in the teachings of Jesus and of the first Christians.  Hearing is part of a very useful and beautiful possibility that the Creator has given us!  What a wealth of experience it offers us!  We can hear the whispering of the breeze and the thunder claps; the birdsong, the cascading waterfall, the music of Mozart, and the voice of a loved one.  All this is already a great gift!

However, I make a great leap if I think of hearing the Word, the Word in the pages of the Bible and above all of the New Testament, of the Gospels that communicate words of eternal life to me.  They do not treat of merely human words, which, even though exceptional, they are always limited.  The Word of God instead, is inspired, written under the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.  What’s more, I not only can, I am invited to truly enter into God’s Word.  And what does this entering mean if I do not put the Word into practice by living it?

I am reading a collection of the letters of Charles di Foucauld.  He was an important official from a rich French family and became a convert about a century ago.  He went as a missionary among the African Tuareg, despoiled of all his material goods but clothed in Jesus Christ through the Word of God prayed and lived day after day.  With a heart inhabited by joy and by the effort to live the Gospel of the day, still today he invites us to make our existence a legible living Gospel.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will thank God for the gift of His Word, and treasure it, reflecting on it daily with love and living it with fidelity.

Lord, grant that I may not only read the Word daily, but let it nourish me so that it will change my life.

 The Voice of the Blessed Charles di Foucauld

 Become the friend of the neediest; love them and make oneself loved; bring them to virtue; and from virtue and from good will to every truth; live to save them: this is the program- love, love, goodness, goodness.


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