Posted by: livingscripture | October 5, 2015

27th Monday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


“He answered, ‘You have responded well; do this and live’.”     

(Luke 10: 28))

How should we live this Wordpharissee

 What a serene sun we find in these words of Jesus as He dialogues with an important personage of His time…a doctor of the Law!  The context tells us that he had asked Jesus a question, not to be instructed but to test Jesus.  Instead, Jesus put him on the spot, replying with another question.  “What is written in the Law?”

The smart Doctor chose a response centered on love of God and love of neighbor.  It is interesting to note that this Doctor, wanting to justify himself, acts as though he is dumb and asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?”    Jesus responds with the parable of the Good Samaritan that presents three kinds of people in their behavior toward a wounded man on the ground.

The first two are practicing Israelites and they walk on.  The third, instead, not only stops to help the man, but he takes upon himself the wounded man and brings him to a hostel, paying the necessary money so that he would be helped in his painful condition.

This last man, being a Samaritan, seems far from the Law of God but in reality he makes himself a neighbor to the wounded man.  Thus, when Jesus says, “Do this and you will live” it perfectly fits his behavior.  Shouldn’t this be our constant choice as well if we truly want to live?  It means leaving aside our indifference, our egoism based on a consumer society; being aware of the needs of others, beginning with those with whom we live.  To love is to be aware of this and this decision.  The rest is only words thrown to the wind.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will reread this parable and reflect on who I am in the story.

Lord, I am persuaded that I am alive only if I love in the concrete, even when this is difficult.  Thank You because Your Gospel is a scourge to my egoism and a light continually given in my search for true Life.

 The Voice of Paul Claudel, Poet

 The key to a person is found in others.  It is contact with our neighbor that illumines us about ourselves.

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