Posted by: livingscripture | June 19, 2015

Eleventh Friday in Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day

“Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”   (Mathew 6: 21)

How should we live this Wordcommunity

 Matthew’s passage helps us understand the meaning of poverty of spirit.  It is the beatitude that gives the heart the capacity to love only what has real value without becoming attached to what is ephemeral.  The Gospel makes us connect heart and treasure.  Poverty is still a question of heart and of love, as well as of freedom.

When love is lacking, there is no giving or receiving it and therefore we go looking for concrete things to satisfy us and fill the emptiness.  But things pass and we tire of them and the emptiness returns.  Poverty of spirit helps us to seek beyond and elsewhere and allows the emptiness to be filled with the traces left of actions of welcome, of empathy, of altruism, of self-giving, of sharing, of patience, and of humility.  It is a treasure of persons met and loved; of shared situations; of newness generated together for the good of all.  The rest is only trash as St. Paul would say.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will ask Jesus to help me seek true treasure: His Word, His Will, the good of others.

Lord, free my heart to make space for the treasure that You are, the only One that can fill my life and transform it into a continual gift.

 The Voice of Pope Francis (Angelus of August 11, 2013)

Love is the true treasure.  But what is the love of God?  It is not something vague or a generic feeling.  God’s love has a name and a face – Jesus Christ.  God’s love is manifested in Jesus; because we cannot love the air…we cannot love all.  We love persons, and the person we love is Jesus, the Gift of the Father among us.  It is a love that gives value and beauty to all the rest; a love that gives strength to the family, to work, to study, to friendship, to art, and to every human activity.  It also gives meaning to negative experiences because this love allows us to go beyond these experiences and not remain prisoners of evil.  It makes us go beyond and always opens us to Hope.


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