Posted by: livingscripture | May 15, 2015

Sixth Friday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

 “If it were a matter of some crime or malicious fraud, I should with reason hear the complaint of you Jews; but since it is a question of arguments over doctrine and titles and your own law see to it yourselves.  I do not wish to be a judge of such matters.”   

(Acts 18: 14)

How should we live this Wordfields of grain

 Luke accompanies Paul on his voyages and is a direct witness of the contradictions and difficulties that Paul has in meeting with the Jews of the Diaspora present in every large city of the empire.  We are now at Corinth and the Jews of the city want to bring Paul to court.  They succeed, but Gallio, the proconsul of the city, objects.  Gallio is the Roman authority at Corinth.  He is the brother of Seneca, who speaks of him as a meek man, wise and amiable.  He does not believe in Christ, and is not a devotee of Jesus.  However, he is an upright man and immediately reveals the hypocrisy of the Jews who are enemies of Rome, yet are not scrupulous in using the Roman laws to justify themselves and eliminate anyone who is inconvenient for them.

Without wanting to, Gallio becomes the mediation for the Word to proceed on its way, arriving at Rome and the entire world.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect on how God can use even the most negative situations to further His Kingdom on earth.

Lord, I thank You for every man and woman who seeks to live honestly and sincerely.  May their search make their life authentic and build the way so that the sacred is not exchanged for bigotry.

The Voice of Adrienne Von Speyr, Mystic

Although the truth is rational, objective, and even absolute, it cannot ever be thought as separable from grace.  It remains a gift of grace that is never entrusted once for everyone, but is always effused in a new way as an enduring gift. 

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