Posted by: livingscripture | April 27, 2015

Fourth Monday of Easter

From the Word of the Day

“What God has made clean, you are not to call profane.”   (Acts 11: 9)

How should we live this WordImage522

 Closed minds and hearts now as in the past not only can create confusion in consciences but can cast discredit on true believers.  In this case, the zeal of the apostles and certain converts to the faith were moved to strongly reprove St. Peter because he had accepted the invitation to sit at table with pagans who had invited him to their home.  We must say that Peter was taught by Heaven through a vision that was somewhat like a lesson and from which emerged precisely what we would like to pause on today.

Certain expressions of the Law of Moses and in the many complications that were added to it, resulted in the belief that to live according to God means to fear ‘impurity of the soul’ through enjoying some of the goods of the earth.  What serious sin there is at the root of this fear!  It is that of having lost the way of the Sacred Scriptures that finds its apex in the fact that Jesus gave His life and all His blood, so that all that all that had perhaps become morally impure, would be purified.  I say ‘serious’ because it gives just motivation for opposing those who oppose Christ and the Church today.  All, truly all, that God has created in humans and for humans is pure.  What makes things good or bad is the use we make of them and the reason. For example, if I eat something offered me and it is good and tasty and I enjoy it, there is nothing wrong with this.  But if I eat that same thing with avidity, with gluttony, and never sharing with others, this is not in keeping with what pleases God.

 In my pause for silent contemplation, I will render thanks to God for all His gifts and ask Him to help me be ever ready to share what I have with others.

Lord, thank You for all good and beautiful things You give me to enjoy.  Educate me to the joy of living each of Your gifts as a song of Gratitude.

The Voice of H. Hesse, German Author

There is nothing more difficult than to lead a person to his/her own happiness.

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