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From the Word of the Day 

“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went away quickly from the tomb…to announce the news to His disciples.  Jesus met them on their way and greeted them.  They approached, embraced His feet, and did Him homage.”

  (Matthew 28: 9-10)                                                                                                        



How should we live this Wordresurrection 2

The apparitions of Jesus as recounted by the four evangelists accompany us this entire week.  These were extremely personal experiences of God, very rarified and reserved to a few.  There are only about ten narratives spread out in the New Testament.  Today we are meditating on that of St. Matthew’s Gospel.  The women had gone to the tomb and found it empty.  They run to the house to tell it to the others.  As they are on their way, Jesus appears to them.  The women are running on the road that reveals Christ to them, the Risen One!  They were looking for Him in one place and instead, He is elsewhere.  They were looking for Him in a tomb and instead He is on the road! Now He Himself is really the Way!

The women were frightened by the empty tomb, but perhaps there had already risen in their heart the pleasant doubt that the emptiness presupposed a marvelous newness.  They intuited that under it was good news.  The encounter with Jesus confirmed it as truly good news.  It was the Gospel!

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will remain with the women to adore Jesus and marvel in His victory, which He shares with me.

Lord, I too want to be a witness of Your resurrection and a bearer of Your Good News to this depressed world that wants to kill those who love You.

The Voice of Taize

Do we really understand what the New Testament means by evangelization?  In Greek, the verb is used to summarize the expression, ‘to announce good news’.  Someone evangelized is someone who has been brought up to date.  However, it is this word, almost banal, that Christians have chosen to describe the most precious reality of their faith: the proclamation of the resurrection of Christ.  What is interesting is that the verb has gradually lost its complement.  It is no longer said, “to bring someone up to date on the resurrection of Christ”, but simply, “to evangelize someone”.


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