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From the Word of the Day

 “We are witnesses of all that he did both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem.  They put him to death by hanging him on a tree.  This man God raised on the third day.” (Acts 10: 39-40)   


 How should we live this WordJesus risen 3

 Today is Easter!  Even though the Resurrection had no witnesses and cannot be demonstrated, it enters into history, becomes an event, and erupts into the chronology of facts that run inexorably and unforgettably, leaving an indelible sign.  Having passed from their first dazed moments and sense of abandonment because of Jesus’ passion and death, the apostles begin to dare discourses that imply the resurrection.  They feel they are witnesses of what many times told of the greatness of Jesus, words never heard before, gestures never before seen.  They want to tell all this.  They could also relate that they had seen His unjust death.   However, they cannot speak of the resurrection.  They did not see it!  They were not there!  They are not even sure it happened; much less can they imagine how it happened.

The first timid words about this event are Peter’s who says that God raised Him from the dead.  It is as though he were saying that they could say everything that happened before, speak of His death.  They could speak of His prodigious appearances on the following days…but of His resurrection, they only had weak traces that do not explain it sufficiently.  They could only imagine that it was through God’s direct, powerful intervention.  It was the God who had recognized Him as Son in the Baptism in the Jordan; the God who had defined Him as His glory when Philip had asked, “Jesus, show us the Father!”

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will bask in the Light and Glory of Jesus alive and risen, Conqueror of death, Giver of eternal Life.

Lord, Your resurrection disconcerts me as well.  It is immense light and fullness of life.  I see its effects and desire its consequences.  But it is a hard trial for my faith.  Jesus, increase my faith!

The Voice of Jean Vanier, Founder of the Arche Community

The Resurrection began when that which was most horrendous became the source of grace.  In the end, the Paschal Mystery is this…The resurrection is an encounter with the Risen Christ.  Jesus’ resurrection is a thing of much poverty.  It is not manifested in the Temple.  What does the Risen One do?  He only meets a woman, Mary of Magdala, and some men.  The transmission of the faith comes through personal encounters.


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