Posted by: livingscripture | April 4, 2015


From the Word of the Day

 “Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified, has been raised!”   (Mark 16: 6)                                                  


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Holy Saturday is a day of expectancy, of great silence, which will then open to the joy of the Resurrection.  The disciples’ eyes still see the images of the painful passion and death of Jesus and every hope seems to have vanished.  But listen to the amazing news…Christ is risen; death has not had the last word.  With the first rays of dawn, the empty tomb is discovered!

Let us as children of the Risen One show our exultation.  The lights that are lit on Holy Saturday night remind us of the new creation, the new creature that we have become with the victory of Christ over death.  Our fragile hope is sustained by the immense love of God.

In my pause for silent contemplation, I will let my heart fill with joyful hope because Jesus is truly alive and has overcome death.

O Lord, light of the world, help me to be a sign of faith that illumines every person.  Guided by hope in the resurrection, enkindle in me the desire to be an authentic witness of your love.

The Voice of Cardinal Maria Martini

O Mary, we do not know what kind of profound consolation sustained you on Holy Saturday.  However, we are certain that the One who had graced you with such gifts in the decisive moment of your existence sustained you on that day as well, in continuity with all the other graces.  The power of the Holy Spirit present in you since the beginning supported you in this darkest moment and in the apparent failure of Your Jesus.  You received the gift of being able to deeply trust God’s plan and you recognized in your depths its power and glory.  You teach us to believe even in the night of faith, to celebrate the glory of the Most High during the experience of abandonment, to proclaim the primacy of God and to love Him in His silences and in His apparent failures.

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